media flow screenings


media flow. videoventure on electronic music pt.1-5

The exhibition series "media flow. videoventure on electronic music" is dedicated to visual music as a phenomenon of contemporary artistic production. The exhibition series aims to present current trends in the field of visual music. The series is curated by Cornelia and Holger Lund.

For the first part of the series in November 2004, film and video artists from different backgrounds (designer, artist, architect) were invited to show their specific angle on visualising music.
The second part was dedicated to audiovisual combinations. Since the new media allow coordination of pictures and sounds in real time, ever more artists and acts are working on both sound and image – and can do it even live.
The third part of the exhibition series arises from the contest “Dancing the Screen” and deals with the relations between video/film, electronic music and dance.
The fourth part deals with a different angle: which visualizations do musicians and composers like? When are they satisfied? For the first time the "victims" of visualization are demanded to give their input to an exhibition screening.
The fifth part is following a current trend: making music and playing instruments on screen - which is a sign for music videos - is entering visual music, not as simulation (as in music videos) but by cutting and editing process. The result is music based on filmic procedures.