Visual Music 5

May 31 - June 15, 2008
Hijacked Video Zine and Hijacked Volume 1. New Photography from Australia and America - exhibition and book presenation (curator: Mark McPherson, Australia)
This is the fifth event in a series of events called “Visual Music live & discussed”.

Videos by D-Fuse, Karan Ann Donnachie & Andy Simionato, Nathalie Latham, P. Nicolas Ledoux, Mark McPherson & Steven Drew, mateuniverse, Pleix, Sascha Pohflepp, Emile Zile

Opening Saturday, May 31, 2008 8 pm with presentation by Mark McPherson
Opening hours: Thursday 6–8 pm, Saturday & Sunday 4–6 pm

This is the fifth event in a series of events called “Visual Music live & discussed”, part of the project “Visual Music” (2007–2008) by media gallery fluctuating images. Over the course of two years, the project will deal with the diverse artistic and institutional aspects of Visual Music. We invite scientists, artists and curators to focus their special perspectives on the topic.

Established by Mark McPherson in 2005, Hijacked is an independent, lo-fi art and
graphics zine based in Perth (Australia). Set up to publish works by underground and avant garde writers, artists and designers, Hijacked has been guest edited by a number of culture creators including Thomas Jeppe, Tristan Ceddia and Hannah Mathews.
Originally published in a print media format, Hijacked has been ambitious and relentless
in its search for new content, media and formats. The Hijacked Video Zine is a survey of
contemporary video art and new media from across the globe, which includes a hybrid
selection of video art, experimental film, contemporary motion graphics and animation.

The exhibition responds to ideas and meanings associated with being ‘hijacked’, with
a specific focus on the associative elements of control, power and subversion and their
impact on the political, commercial and creative arenas. While much of our own culture
has been hijacked by powerful media companies for political and capitalist agendas, it is
the representation of art, identity and intercultural exchange that remains central to the
Hijacked manifesto. This exhibition seeks to engage with these elements and explore the
diversity of relationships they ignite within society and the individual.

Dfuse’s Video "Brilliant City" best encapsulates the overall concept of the Hijacked Video Zine in its depiction of the individual as a minor component in the greater modern society.
It explores notions of identity and individuality, the contrast between the personal and
public, uniformity and formalism, and the way people interact and inject their personality
into formal and informal settings.

McPhersons Hijacked Video Zine was alreday shown at the Young Writers Festival, Newcastle (2005), the Next Wave Festival, Melbourne (2006) and the Foto Freo, Fremantle (2006). The Hijacked Video Zine will be renewed for the exhibition at fluctuating images, new video works will be included.

Hijacked Volume 1. New Photography from Australia and America
edited by Mark Mcpherson and Max Pam

Hijacked brings together, for the first time, an uncompromising movement of international cultural exchange. Presenting the most diverse and provocative new photography from Australia and America,
the book erases traditional boundaries between artists, professionals and emerging talent in order to point towards the future of contemporary photography.
Shunning repetitive and predictable structures, Hijacked’s aesthetic is directed by the mindset and energy of young and emerging practitioners. Embracing the prevailing wanderlust, their work exhibits a fascination with international subcultures, fragmented trends, alternate life styles and urban landscapes. Explorations of suburban pleasures are placed on par with ‘high’ artistic experimentation.
While assembling the visions of its contributors, Hijacked delves into the practical and conceptual issues of the world of contemporary photography.
Interviews provide a social comment on the socio-scape of Australia and America, and highlights talking points from discussions with artists on communication, social awareness, capitalism and the impact of commerce on identity and artistic practice.
Relentless in its ambition, much like the photographers, writers and contemporaries it publishes, Hijacked, the photography book, is a survey and hybrid of real time photography and life in real time.

Australian Photographers
greta anderson, duncan barnes, karron bridGes, sean cordeiro and claire healy, michael Gray, david griggs, caitlin harrison, nathalie latham, mark mcpherson, james mellon, graham miller, martin mischkulnig, fiona morris, tony nathan, jack pam, emily portmann, brad rimmer, janelle ryan, flavia schuster, juha tolonen, joshua webb, toni wilkinson, gareth willis

American Photographers
timothy archibald, angela boatwright, alana celii, nick chatfield-taylor, brian cross, todd fisher, jonathan gitelson, dean karr, lisa kereszi, jason lazarus, suzy poling, robin schwartz, tod seelie, sarah small, amy stein, jennifer juniper stratford, bill sullivan, shen wie, grant willing, ed zipco

The project “Visual Music” (2007-2008) is supported by the Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg.



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