Visual Music 4

May 16 - 18, 2008
SNK & PLATZGUMER: GONZOS WIRED, LIVE - exhibition. Audiovisual Live-Performance with André Bachofner & Christian Flaccus (schoeneneuekinder, München) and Hans Platzgumer (Convertible, Stonji, Queen of Japan), in cooperation with gez.-Raum für Urheber

Opening Friday, May 16, 2008, 8 pm - Audiovisual Live-Performance
Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday 4 – 6pm

This is the fourth event in a series of events called “Visual Music live & discussed”, part of the project “Visual Music” (2007–2008) by media gallery fluctuating images. Over the course of two years, the project will deal with the diverse artistic and institutional aspects of Visual Music. We invite scientists, artists and curators to focus their special perspectives on the topic.

Exhibition and live performance are placed between art and design, focussing on the experimental handling of new media. No other field in those 'new media' is as cutting-edge and thrilling as 'generative software', in which certain rules and systems create graphics or music.
Core of the exhibition is an installation that treats a graphic character ('gonzo') with generative scripting and random algorithm in a graphical splatter way. Besides the character the design and programming of rules and systems are the essential part of the artistic work. The idea of 'gonzos coded, remixed' and 'gonzos wired, live' is to use methods and scripting concepts of 'generative art' but against the usual pixel purism of this genre to have also an eye on a sensible aesthetics.
The exhibition shows large canvas prints of vector-based screenshots and an interactive terminal version.

The 3-people live set will be played at the opening. Sound-legend Hans Platzgumer is going to be the audio-magician. Three machines and three humans will be circle-connected sending signals and using feedbacks based on Flash, Processing, Midi and Ableton Live.

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The project “Visual Music” (2007-2008) is supported by the Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg.

SNK & PLATZGUMER: GONZOS WIRED, LIVE is supported in addition by: Hypo-Kulturstiftung München