Visual Music 1

Sunday, May 6, 2007
„Visual Music live & discussed“: 1 Room – 3 Aspects - audiovisual live performance featuring Kurt Laurenz Theinert, Alexandra Mahnke and Markus Birkle

This is the first evening in a series of events called “Visual Music live & discussed”, part of the project “Visual Music” (2007–2008) by media gallery fluctuating images. Over the course of two years, the project will deal with the diverse artistic and institutional aspects of Visual Music. We invite scientists, artists and curators to focus their special perspectives on the topic.

1 Room – 3 Aspects

The three aspects in this multilayered audiovisual collaboration originate from a space – here, it’s the gallery space. Kurt Laurenz Theinert (projections), Alexandra Mahnke (dance) and Markus Birkle (guitar) create and interpret that space with the tools of their respective arts, with light, movement and sound. For the listeners/viewers, themselves integral part of that same space, a special audiovisual room for perception opens up, and the three different aspects become deeper layer by layer.

The Visual Piano is a unique instrument, designed to create light graphics and moving images in space. It was developed and produced by light artist and photographer Kurt Laurenz Theinert, together with software programmers Roland Blach and Phillip Rahlenbeck. Theinert creates and projects these graphics live and in real time.

For Alexandra Mahnke, who holds a diploma in modern stage dance from the Folkwang-Hochschule in Essen, dance is communication in space, a three-dimensional art beyond the classic stage situation. Her communication is with other dancers, with the audience, or, at this event, with additional light elements that define the shape of both body and space.

The guitar improvisations of Markus Birkle are the third aspect. If you already know his virtuoso soundscapes, accompanying silent movies like “Nosferatu”, and maybe also his playing with Die Fantastischen Vier or Netzer, you won’t need any explanations. To anyone else: this is the perfect opportunity to witness the audiovisual skills of an exceptional musician.

The event is part of the project “Visual Music” (2007-2008) by fluctuating images e.V. and is supported by Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg.