Stop & Go 3-D

Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012, 20.00 Uhr, General Public, Berlin
Stop & Go 3-D
Screening stop-motion work by visual artists and filmmakers

Präsentiert mit einer Einführung der Kuratorinnen Sarah Klein und Mel Prest (San Francisco)
Zusätzliche Öffnungszeit: Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2012, 15.00–18.00 Uhr

The Stop & Go show features a broad range of emerging work in the field of stop-motion animation and pushes the boundaries of cinematic possibility by showcasing a diversity of techniques and approaches by both established filmmakers and visual artists who are new to the process.

Stop & Go 3-D features a new series of stop-motion animations by 27 contemporary visual artists and filmmakers from around the world. The program dramatically plays with our visual senses through the artist’s use of stobing effects, afterimages, anaglyphic experiments, optical elements and three-dimensional spoofs. The animations in this program were chosen from a world-wide open call for submissions and by invitation. Five of the animations in the program require the audience to wear red/cyan-colored glasses to fully engage with the work.
Total Running Time: 70 minutes

Stop & Go 3-D will screen alongside Doppler Stop an exhibition of optically and perceptually challenging artworks. Pairing the screening alongside an exhibition is designed to illuminate a deeper connection between the artists’ primary practices of painting, drawing and sculpture and the processes used in their animations.

The Stop & Go 3-D screening program is curated by Sarah Klein, an artist, educator, and curator whose own practice includes animation, and the Doppler Stop exhibition is curated by Mel Prest, an artist and educator.

Stop & Go 3-D includes work by Abbey Luck & Sean Donnelly (Brooklyn, New York, US), Albert Roskam (Leiden, NL), Bendik Kaltenborn (Oslo, NO) & Kalle Johansson (Stockholm, SE), Brian McClave (London, UK), Claudia Molitor (London, UK) & Gavin Peacock (Brighton, UK), David Daniels (Portland, OR. US), Erik van Huisstede (Paris, FR), Gilbert Hsiao (New York, NY, US), Iemke van Dijk (Leiden, NL), Jeanne Stern (Austin, TX, US), Jennifer Schmidt (Brooklyn, NY, US), Jodie Mack (Lebanon, NH, US), Joey Fauerso (San Antonio, TX, US), Johan Rijpma (Utrecht, NL), Kate Nartker (San Francisco, CA, US), Laen Sanches (Amsterdam, NL), Mark de Weijer (den Haag, NL), Mel Prest & Andrew Kleindolph (San Francisco, CA, US), Molly Schwartz (Brooklyn, NY, US), Santiago Caicedo de Roux (Cali, CO), Sarah Klein & David Kwan (San Francisco, CA, US), Tal Rosner (London, UK),

Doppler Stop exhibition artists are Albert Roskam (Leiden, NL), Brent Hallard (San Francisco, CA, US), Debra Ramsay (New York, NY, US), Gay Outlaw (San Francisco, CA, US), Gilbert Hsiao (New York, NY, US), Gracia Khouw (Amsterdam, NL), Guido Winkler (Leiden, NL), Henriëtte van t’Hoog (Amsterdam, NL), Iemke van Dijk (Leiden, NL), José Heerkens (Zeeland, NL), Karen Schifano (New York, NY, US), Kevin Finklea (Philadelphia, PA, US), Mel Prest (San Francisco, CA, US), Nancy White (Redwood City, CA, US), Patricia Zarate (New York, NY, US), Richard Bottwin (New York, NY, US), Ruth van Veenen (Amsterdam, NL), Sarah Klein (San Francisco, CA, US), Steve Baris (Philadelphia, PA, US)

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